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Floating Pet Food Fish Feed Pellet Making Processing Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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Pet chews food making machine is a newly-designed line for improving market of pet food, which is developed successfully with our many years research experiences on food machinery. This line endues pet food with novel shape, unique taste and color. It can meet with other needs of modern market by many superior characteristics, such as scientific nutrition formular and easy assimilation.

Main Features
1.Adjustable speed of feeder, main drive and rotary cutter by inverter with powerful impetus, stable running and low consumption.
2.Segmental assembled screw made of alloy with long life is applied to more kind of material and products.
3.Automatic lubricating system reduces energy consumption and prolongs the life for use.
4.Forced double screw feeding set keeps equal and abroad feeding.
5.Beeline bearing knife system ensures the exact and quick changing of knife.
6.Double screw extruder cleans it by itself.

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